Lise Waxer and Hewitt Pantaleoni prizes

A couple of papers I presented in 2008 received prizes this fall:

The 2009 Lise Waxer Prize from the Popular Music Section of the Society for Ethnomusicology, recognizing the most distinguished student paper in the ethnomusicology of popular music presented at the SEM annual meeting in Wesleyan, CT, October 2008, for my paper, “Media Consumption as Social Organization at a New England Primary School” (pdf or scribd).


The 2009 Hewitt Pantaleoni Prize from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology (MACSEM) for the best student paper presented at the Middle Atlantic SEM Chapter meeting in New York, March 2008, for my paper, “The Social Economy of Headphone Use in a New England Primary School.” That paper turned into my “Earbuds Are Good for Sharing” for the Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music.

Needless to say I’m pleased and grateful.


Panel on portable music and technology

Happy news — a panel on mobile music and technology that I organized with Heather Horst, Ben Tausig, and Bill Bahng Boyer has been accepted for SEM 2009 in Mexico City. Here’s an outline (abstracts for the panel and my paper after the jump):

“Contested Musical Mobilities: Ethnomusicologies of Portable Listening and Technology”

  • Tyler Bickford, “Tinkering and Tethering: Children’s MP3 Players as Material Culture”

  • Bill Bahng Boyer, “Blasting the Ghetto: Boomboxes and the Spilling Over of Portable Audio”

  • Heather A. Horst, “Noise, Sound, and Other Callings: Mobile Communication in Everyday Life”

  • Benjamin Tausig, “The Co-Motion of Bangkok”


MACSEM 2008 Panel: “Children, music, and media in the contemporary US”

In March Jenny Woodruff and I organized a panel at the annual conference of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of SEM, on “Children, music, and media in the contemporary US,” which included papers by Sarah Snyder and Jenny Johnson. It was a rare chance (hopefully more and more in the near future) to bring together some of scholars who have recently been opening up new doors for ethnomusicological study of kids, media, and popular music consumption.

Abstracts after the jump.


Paper for SEM 2008 panel: “Media consumption as social organization in a New England primary school”

My contribution to the panel mentioned in the last post will be a paper titled “Media consumption as social organization in a New England primary school.” (I’m really happy with the allusion to Goodwin’s He Said She Said, but I really need to start writing more explanatory titles.) Abstract after the jump.


SEM 2008 Panel: “Techniques of consumption: Rethinking kids and commercial music”

Jenny Woodruff and I have organized a panel children as consumers of pop music for the 2008 meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology. It’s called “Techniques of consumption: Rethinking kids and commercial music.” Andrea Emberly will also present a paper, and Charlie Keil has agreed to serve as the discussant. Abstract after the jump.